We are happy to give you an individualized quote based on your project and/or specialized needs.  Discounts are available for retainer clients (see below).   

Retainer Fees:
Retainers cover a set of hours that is set aside for your business needs.  Discounts are available for retainer hours of 10, 15 and 20 hours.   The retainer payment is due upon agreement.   The hours purchased do not expire.  A monthly recap of used verses available hours will be given.

Additional Charges:
Additional charges will be added for materials such as envelopes, labels, photocopies, faxes, postage, courier services, travel expenses, etc.

Rates and FAQ's
Invoicing is done on the last day of the month for onging projects or when the project is complete for short term projects.  Payment is due within 10 days of receipt of invoice to be paid by company check or money order.  There is a 30% fee for all returned checks.

How do you receive/return the assignments?
Work can be received via e-mail, telephone, courier, FedEx, DHL, regular US Postal Mail and fax. In some cases depending upon location, arrangements can be made to have assignments picked up - traveling charge will apply.

When can I expect the work/assignments back?
A timeframe will be agreed on once the assignment is given.

How will I know where my work stands?
We can check in with you once a week or even daily.   You can be updated via email or phone.   You always have the option to contact us to check the progress of your assigned work or change your priorities.