Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs who provide professional administrative, technical and creative assistance to clients from a home office.
Advantages of using a Virtual Assistant?  

*  No time spent on advertising, hiring and training new employees.

*  Savings of benefits, payroll taxes, unemployment, holidays, vacation and sick time pay.

*  Pay assistants based on the amount of time worked or work produced, no breaks or wasted time during the work day.

*  No need to purchase equipment or set up an extra desk in your office.

*  Keep your business flexible to better adjust to highs and lows in administrative needs.

*  You can focus on priorities while the assistant handles the administrative tasks that tie up your time.

*  VA's are more vested than a temp and work to build a long lasting business relationship.

*  Pay only for time worked with no overtime pay.
No long term commitment so no worries about having to lay off employees.
Why Choose Premier Taskmasters?  
*  Over 24 years experience.  

*  An entrepreneurial mindset that understands what it takes to be successful and the best partner for your business. 

*  Flexible hours, not just 9-5, so work can be handled outside of a normal employees hours.